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Collaborating with Builders, Developers, & Communities

Collaborating with Builders, Developers, and Communities

Tap into our affinity market on your next project and utilize the most accredited Vastu system. Based on ancient knowledge, backed by modern science. 


Learn about Completed Developments and Active Projects

Built in 37 US states and 57 countries.

Get involved and align with customers in the rapidly expanding wellness real estate market. 

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Luxury Apartment Building

MERU, Vlodrop, The Netherlands

Mandala Village and Resort

Vero Beach, Florida, USA

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 Research by the Institute of Vedic Architecture 

16 published, peer-reviewed studies support our predicted effects. View how we are collaborating with researchers. 

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6 continents. 
57 countries. 
37 US states.

Gain a competitive edge in the rapidly growing wellness real estate market. 

Maharishi Vastu Official


Derived from ancient principles of nature

Based on measurable phenomena, not a placebo


MV is based around principles of nature considering the influence of the sun, the geophysical standing grid, orientation, measurements and proportions, and the site's nearby environment.


We offer a medically documented link to good health, lowered stress, and family harmony. Our findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

System, not a style, for new construction

37 states, 57 countries, and six continents


Our projects range from homes to high-rises. We also work with developers on several other building types, and can adapt to almost any style of construction.


We have been architects or consultants on half a billion dollars of Maharishi Vastu® buildings in the US, and much more in 56 other nations worldwide.

Video Library

Recent and Ongoing Projects 

What People Say

“Everyone coming into our home has a feeling of wellbeing and inner calm. The change in behavior of my husband is so clear to everyone, I mean everyone, points it out in amazement. ”

L. Mastella, Padua, Italy

“Since moving into Vastu, my co-workers are more cooperative, more enthusiatic and do not seem overwhelmed by their problems. Personalities have changed. It is easier to work here, be more productive, and happier. For me, this building has changed the definition of 'work'.”

Employee, The Tower Companies 

“Our life and relationships seem to be happier and more peaceful.”

Bob Jackson, Perth, Australia

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